20 Jun 2024

Top prize for pies

A pie company has been honoured with a health and safety award for protecting production line staff from the risk of injury. Processes at Cranswick Gourmet Pastry Company had involved staff manually transferring pie filling to a bucket then climbing up steps to empty it into a hopper. The procedure meant workers had to bend down to below knee level and also lift loads over their head.

After a review by management in consultation with workers, the process was updated and new equipment was introduced. The filling is now brought to the production line via a tote bin and a pump transfers it into a hopper.

The innovation was named the overall winner of the Musculoskeletal Risk Reduction Through Design Award for 2024 at our annual awards, in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive. Cranswick’s HSE Manager Clare Gibson said: “It’s quite a simple improvement but it’s had a big impact.”

You can find out more about our award winners in the latest issue of our members’ magazine, The Ergonomist.