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Build a professional network

Graduate Membership gives you access to lots of ways to connect with members, so you can start to build up your network for work, collaboration and support. Online and in-person events, discussion forums and groups make it easy for you to get in touch. In a discipline as specialised as ours, the relationships you build will become all-important in your future career. Getting involved in CIEHF activities and events will help your chances of finding a great job when you want to make a move.

Enhance your knowledge

You'll have access to a wealth of material to help you when you need to put what you've learnt into practice. Our member magazine, full of articles and news stories, our guidance and infographics, journal papers and on-demand webinars and Masterclasses are all available whenever you need them. The more you increase the breadth of your knowledge and understanding, the more you'll be able to take your career in any direction that interests you.

Support for your career

Our helpful community will support and guide you in all sorts of ways. Through assistance from the CIEHF team whenever you need it, you can make the most of your membership. Many members are pleased to offer mentoring which provides motivation and guidance for you to expand your skills and professional competence. With their advice and encouragement, and with greater experience, it's a great way to progress and work towards Chartered status!


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The Institute has been a source of support in building not only my technical expertise but in shaping my career.

Steph Simpson

Former Graduate Member, now a Chartered Member


Questions you might have

Can anyone with a degree become a Graduate Member?

No, you need to have graduated from a CIEHF-accredited course (a 'Qualifying Course') to join as a Graduate Member. Otherwise, you can still join us as an Associate Member. Find out about Qualifying Courses. Find out about Associate Membership.

Can I upgrade my Graduate Membership in the future?

Yes! With a minimum of two years of work experience of ergonomics and human factors, you could apply for Technical Membership and with a minimum of three years experience you could apply for Registered Membership. For both of these, your application will mean keeping a log book of the work you undertake during your years as an Graduate Member. It's important to start this process early, so that you have all the necessary records when you wish to apply. Read more about Technical Membership. Read more about Registered Membership.

How long can I be a Graduate Member for?

You would normally be a Graduate Member until you have enough experience to become eligible to upgrade to Registered Membership. This could be as little as three years from graduation when you must be able to demonstrate that you have a breadth of knowledge and have gained sufficient experience in ergonomics and human factors. Graduate Membership is a route to Chartership, not an end point. Read the information about Registered Membership.

As the Institute is Chartered, will I become a Chartered member?

Not just yet! You will need to upgrade to Registered Member first.

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Not for you just yet?

If you're still thinking about it, why not take a look around this site where you'll find plenty of information about human factors? If you join us, we'll be able to let you know what's going on, what's new and how we can support you. If you have any questions, just get in touch.