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Our sector-specific 'Learning Pathways' are structured, professional development programmes that include a huge amount of human factors content and resources in a variety of formats to help organisations increase their human factors capability. The aim of the Pathways is to provide employees with the knowledge and tools to become competent human factors practitioners. We're not trying to make them into experts (we have plenty of experts that they can call on to support them!) but they will see the world in a new light.

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What you get along the way - as a learner

There are many reasons to consider the Pathway as a route to increasing competence in human factors.


Our Learning Pathways are crafted by industry experts and are regularly updated to reflect the latest trends and challenges in human factors. You'll access modules that cover a wide range of human factors topics, from workplace design to safety culture development.


Developed by human factors experts, the Pathways use the latest learning technologies and instructional techniques. So you can engage with immersive, interactive content that blends text, graphics, videos and quizzes to ensure an effective learning experience.


Learn at your own pace from anywhere, at any time. Our platform is accessible on desktops, tablets and mobile devices, allowing you to fit your learning into your busy schedule and achieve your personal and professional goals - and advance your career.


You'll be joining a community dedicated to advancing their knowledge of human factors. You'll be able to share experiences and expand your network. And you'll have the support and guidance of expert mentors who share your passion for knowledge and growth.


Each Pathway consists of three distinct levels and you can stop after the first or second level or go on to complete all three, depending on your human factors role within your organisation. We make no assumptions about your prior knowledge or experience; we start with the basics so you can feel confident you'll gain a solid foundation on which to build your new skills. If you already know something about human factors, it'll be a refresher!


The Pathways demonstrate application of human factors principles to real-world situations. So you'll quickly learn how and when you can start to make a difference. You'll cover a wide range of human factors topics, tools and techniques, and get sets of guided activities to carry out, enabling you to practice the methods you’re learning straight away, building up your skills and confidence as you go, so you should never feel out of your depth.


Completing all three levels is benchmarked as an NVQ Level 5 equivalent qualification, the same academic level as a second-year undergraduate degree. You'll earn certificates of completion at each level to showcase your achievements. Successful completion of an entire Learning Pathway would also mean you would be eligible to apply for Technical Membership of the CIEHF and get professional recognition for your success!

Want a taster?

Want a taster?

Try our bitesize introductory module, Discover. It's in the same learning environment as the Pathways so you can try it out - and it's free!

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