Degree Course Accreditation

Recognising human factors teaching at the highest level

Why get accreditation?

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It shows that you're running a high standard degree course that attracts students and enables them to gain knowledge across the discipline, using a unique systems approach.


Courses accredited by us are promoted here and in response to enquiries for learning. We only recommend accredited courses to people who ask us about human factors study.


You can use a special CIEHF-accredited degree course logo and the text “This is a CIEHF Qualifying Course” in your publicity for the course, enabling it to stand out from the crowd.

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Graduates from CIEHF-accredited degree courses are eligible for Graduate Membership of the CIEHF and this contributes to their future application for Chartered status.


What's needed?

If you'd like to get your course recognised as an accredited degree course (a 'Qualifying Course'), click on each item below to find out more about the different requirements for your application.




What needs to be included and for how many hours



Which university standards your programme must adhere to



How your application will be assessed and how long it will take

Simple pricing

One price. We bill you annually during the 5 years of your accreditation.


Plus £500 application fee.

Getting my course accredited by the CIEHF enhanced its credibility and attracts students.

Dr Victoria Filingeri

Programme Lead, University of Derby



Ready to apply?

If you think you're ready to apply, this is what you'll need to do.

  1. Complete the Professional Competency Checklist. Download the checklist
  2. Gather digital copies of the programme handbook, detailed curriculum, assessments and module specifications.
  3. Gather staff CVs and any other documentation that demonstrates the programme meets all the requirements.
  4. Fill in an application form.
  5. Email the application form to us, together with the Checklist, programme documents and staff CVs.
  6. Pay the application fee when you receive our invoice.


Not quite there yet?

If you're not quite ready for the full degree course accreditation but you have a PG Diploma or Certificate running, you could consider its recognition under our Training Course accreditation process.