Degree Apprenticeships

Mixing work experience and formal study

A great combination

To would-be apprentices!

A degree apprenticeship enables you to learn the theory behind a discipline, whilst allowing you to put it into practice at work. There's no cost to you for the degree and you get a full-time salary from your employer.

We'll shortly be launching a Master's level, human factors advanced degree apprenticeship programme with our university partners. The programme combines traditional higher education with practical work experience and allows you to earn a master's degree in human factors while working and gaining on-the-job training.

Through real-world experience and collaboration with professionals, you'll be prepared to positively impact industries like healthcare, aviation, automotive and defence. The apprenticeship will equip you with practical skills and knowledge to be able to design user-friendly systems and environments and focus on optimising human performance, safety and wellbeing.

It's a great opportunity to combine an interest in human behaviour with a passion for improving the world through design and innovation. Watch out for more information and how to get involved.

To all employers

We are currently reaching out to employers who are interested in the programme, to build a picture of the demand for places and better understand the information you want.

If your organisation is considering employing human factors apprentices, please complete this short survey.

See the latest details of the programme.


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