Consultancy accreditation

Recognising expertise and competence in human factors work

Why get accreditation?

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It shows that your work as an individual or organisation is highly competent and that your consultancy has the knowledge, skills and expertise to carry out human factors work to a high standard.


Consultancies accredited by us are promoted here and in response to enquiries. We only recommend accredited consultancies and give referrals to people who ask us about human factors assistance.


You can use a special CIEHF-accredited consultancy badge and the text “This is a CIEHF Registered Consultancy” in your publicity for your business, giving it credibility and enabling it to stand out from the crowd.


What's needed?

If you'd like to get your organisation recognised as a Registered Consultancy, click on each item below to find out more about the different requirements for your application.




How your consultancy assures competence



How much expertise and experience you need



How your application will be assessed and how long it will take

Simple pricing

One price. We bill you annually whilst you are accredited.


Plus £75 application fee.

Getting accredited has enabled my organisation to stand above others when bidding for work.

A consultant

Registered Consultancy


Questions you might have

Can I apply if I have only just set up my consultancy?

Yes you can, provided your consultancy meets the criteria for applying.

Do I have to renew my application?

Yes, we will ask you to reaccredit your consultancy every three years. You should tell us in the meantime if any of your consultancy's details change.

How will my consultancy be promoted?

We'll list your consultancy here on our website according to the competencies you provide in your application. So it's important that you think about that when you apply.

Ready to apply?

If you think you're ready to apply, this is what you'll need to do.

  1. Gather detailed CVs for each consultant that will provide services on your consultancy's behalf.
  2. Fill in an application form completing all parts including the table detailing the areas of expertise you offer clients.
  3. Email the application form to us, together with the consultant CVs and any other documentation you think would support your application.
  4. Pay the application fee when you receive our invoice.