Our strategy

Our future priorities among the evolving landscape of work

Our plan

Technology, data, and AI are catalysts for transformative change in the workplace and beyond. As societal challenges evolve, so do the demands on government and business. The CIEHF is committed to driving positive change and our new strategic plan aims to help decision-makers understand the transformative impact of human factors across diverse sectors and disciplines.

Let's start with our purpose

To help human factors professionals make life better and safer for people and society

...and our ambition

To put people at the centre of economic, societal and technological change

Our new strategy is centred around four pillars

Strategic pillars.png


Now see it come to life!

Watch the video to hear how these pillars fit together in our plan and what supports them.


 Interested in knowing more?

Download the full Strategic Plan and learn how we intend to achieve our ambition!