21 Mar 2024

The time-travelling ergonomist

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the CIEHF and those decades have seen plenty of changes in our profession.

But what about the changes we could make over the next 75 years?

In the latest issue of our members’ magazine The Ergonomist, Paul Davison imagines what the future president of the Institute could be telling members during our 150th anniversary celebrations.

From new fields of research such as compassionate safety to changes to workplace legislation, it’s a vision of a world improved by human factors.

And could a children’s TV show about a time-travelling ergonomist be what’s needed to inspire a new generation of human factors professionals?

Paul’s future president tells members how the world has moved away from a time when “humans were managed as biological robots”.

They add: “This move to collaborative, compassionate working environments has resulted in workforces thriving and flourishing. Places where people are now their best person, where work provides meaning and fulfilment to our lives.

“We’ve evolved sufficiently to have safety critical sectors which accommodate humans for being human, which catch them kindly when they fall. A world where only the correct thing, the safest thing makes sense.”

Read the full article in the latest issue of The Ergonomist and have your say about what the future might hold in our Communities forum.