17 Mar 2022

Sharing the experience

User experience (UX) and how we interact with products and services has become a critical part of design. Its relationship – and overlap – with human factors is something that’s sparked plenty of discussion and it will be one of the topics in the spotlight at Ergonomics & Human Factors 2022.

GiGi Demming is the UX Lead at Google for its Unicorn team and is delivering one of the keynote talks. Her focus is on ensuring that her team’s design work empowers the company to offer children high-quality, safe and accessible experiences.

During her decades-long career, she’s seen how UX has developed and how its relationship with human factors has evolved. Although “the general principles are the same”, she still sees them as separate areas. She said: “I think that UX itself is now specialising. When I started out you did the writing, the design and the research yourself. 

“Then you had these things as different disciplines as well as positions such as content strategist and UX engineers coming along. In that same way, human factors is different from UX but there is definitely a Venn diagram that is pretty fat and covers all of them.”

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