Regional Networks

Meet and chat with other members in your region

Where are you?

As a member of CIEHF, you're invited to join online meet-ups and in-person regional events to listen to and share opinions and experiences with other members. Our friendly communities are always keen to offer help and advice.

(And you won't need a map to find us, we're all on Zoom for now!)


Based in the UK or ROI?

We have a number of Networks covering the whole of the UK and ROI. Check the map to see which Network includes your location. If you live in the UK or ROI, you're automatically a member of your local Network and will be notified of upcoming meet-ups and how to join them, or you can see the Network Community activity at any time by clicking the button below.

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Elsewhere in the world?

Connect with members around the world at a time that suits you best. You'll be sent an email with details of international meet-ups listed below so you can join in the next meet-up for your region. If you have a question, just email us.

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Network Time (GMT) Date





What a great way to spend an hour!

Dave O'Neill

CIEHF member from BBH & East England Regional Network


Meet our Network Leaders!

Find out more about each of our Networks - the areas they cover, who leads them and what the aims are.


Andy Buttery

Andy Buttery

London & South East

Fiona Bird & Fran Ives
Dave Golightly

Dave Golightly

North East England

John Lovegrove

John Lovegrove

North West & North Wales

Julie Rainey

Julie Rainey

Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Joe Cook

Joe Cook

South West & South Wales

Jo Davies

Jo Davies

Southern England

Helen Vosper & Tim Southam

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