21 Sep 2023

Navigating ship design

Discover the human factors challenges involved in designing warships and how new technology and good design are being used to cut the risk of errors at our free webinar presented by experts from BAE Systems

Designing a warship is a complex and process that needs a range of engineering skills to come together to achieve an operational design that's ‘fit to fight’. But the role of humans in the warship is often underestimated and it’s only in relatively recent times that human factors been integrated into the design and build phases.

Our free webinar on 17 October explores what’s involved in designing and developing warships, including the use of new technology such as AI. Presented by human factors practitioners from BAE Systems’ Surface Ships team, the session will also look at human machine teaming integration challenges, recognising that good design can optimise cognitive demand placed on the crew and reduce the risk of errors and enhance operational safety.

Monica Sen Gupta will explore the warship components and history of human factors in this domain. John McFarlane will then introduce a generic warship project and how the Ministry of Defence Human Factors Integration process has been practically applied.

Following the same project example, Ian McKenzie will describe whole warship human factors engineering design issues that typically arise. Linton Seabrook will describe the complementing analysis and Liz Thiry will focus on the design of the combat system and the technology drivers for future interface design.

The 90-minute session starts at 16:00 (BST) and you can find out more and book your place here.

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