Demystifying Ergonomics Standards

Revealing how standards are created and how to get involved

About this webinar

Standards are agreed ways of doing something, written down as a set of precise criteria so they can be used as rules, guidelines or definitions. They can help enhance resilience, innovation, productivity, sustainability and safety. By applying the accumulated knowledge that standards encapsulate, organisations can improve products, processes, management tools, values and behaviours, transforming their future prospects.

Standards are put together collaboratively by groups including industry experts, consumers, research organisations and government departments. BSI (the British Standards Institute) independently facilitates this process of developing and updating standards through consensus, documenting robust and expert best practices.

In this webinar, we explore the work of one committee in particular, PH/9 'Applied Ergonomics', identifying the different ways you can get involved in the standardisation process - and we'll address some myths as we go along.

Suzie Radcliffe-Hart explores BSI content and the structure of the national committee and its relationship to the relevant ISO/CEN committees and working groups. Dr Simon Hodder provides insight into what involvement means to him, his organisation and how his involvement has evolved and grown over the years.

Who will this be of interest to?

If you use standards, whether to specify products, processes or practice, or as background for making a business case, then come along. If you're not sure what standards are applicable to what you do or how you can access them, then listen in. Or if you might like to get involved but aren't sure how much of a commitment it is, you might be surprised to find out.

About the presenters

Suzie Radcliffe-Hart is a Standards Development Manager at BSI responsible for a number of national agri-food, head protection (PPE) and ergonomics committees. She has experience in consumer products sector, specialising in testing, safety and quality of nursery and childcare products, toys and furniture. She was previously a member of BSI’s national committees for childcare products for 20 years.

Dr Simon Hodder is a Chartered Fellow of the CIEHF and Reader in Environmental Ergonomics at Loughborough University. He's an active member of a number of European and international technical committees, including BSI's PH/9 'Applied ergonomics' national committee. He also committee chair of ISO/TC 159/SC 5 ‘Ergonomics of the physical environment’.