Understanding how to increase human capability

Defence human factors

Defence is, and has always been, faced with organisational and technological change, but senior commanders recognise that people remain the most important part of military capability – able to adapt to the unexpected and capitalise on opportunity. Changes to force numbers, gender composition, organisational structure and the introduction of new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and autonomous platforms represent significant challenges to the defence human factors community.

In the UK, the defence human factors community is well-served by a long-standing UK MOD-Industry Human Factors Integration (HFI) Liaison Group (MOD-Ind HFILG) which brings together those working in the UK MOD and across the UK Defence Industry to support the development of HFI policy, process and guidance. This group provides an interface between this established forum and the wider CIEHF community.

Our aims

We're looking to learn from those working in other sectors faced with similar challenges.The group is a forum focused on supporting the development and application of human factors methods, tools and data to help improve UK military capability. The group brings together human factors professionals working in defence with practitioners in other sectors, to share experience, knowledge and advice.

Our aim is to ensure that the human component of capability is appropriately addressed across the lifecycle of military systems – from initial concept exploration through to disposal.

We run events throughout the year, and we welcome involvement from you in the shaping, organisation and delivery of these events. As well as on-line webinars presenting topics of interest, we look to issue articles and white papers examining challenges and expounding the benefits of the application of human factors.