Introduction to ergonomics

Summary: This 5 day course provides non-ergonomists with an understanding of workplace ergonomics in relation to health, safety and productivity in an industrial setting.

Provider: HSL
Location: UK
Duration: 5 days
Knowledge/experience needed: None
Email: [email protected] 

Who should attend and why?
Anyone with an interest in improving workplace ergonomics will get benefit from this course. No previous ergonomics experience is required. This course provides you with the understanding, knowledge and tools to manage musculoskeletal disorders (MSD); maximise performance; and ensure that the design and layout of workstations optimise human-system coordination. At the end of the course you will have the knowledge to improve health, safety and performance in your workforce. This is a 5-day course that is delivered by experts with vast industry experience gained from years of regulatory work with the HSE.

You will learn about:

  • The main principles of ergonomics in design
  • Physical and psychological factors
  • When and how to apply some key methods:
    • Applied anthropometry;
    • Fitting trials;
    • Task analysis and link analysis;
  • When and how to use key musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk assessment tools, including tools developed by HSL for HSE (such as the MAC tool, ART tool and DSE Display screen equipment);
  • Controls, Displays and Panel design principles;
  • How to access and apply key topic information for stress management, behaviour change, slips and trips, noise, vibration, exposure and vision/lighting and undertake risk assessments in these areas;
  • How to make successful use of user investigation methods, such as interviews, questionnaires and focus groups;
  • When to get help from a Professional Ergonomist, how to find one, and be better prepared to specify your requirements.