Applied Industrial Ergonomics

Summary: This two-day course provides the tools and resources to make simple and effective ergonomic improvements in the industrial environment, with an emphasis on hands-on problem-solving methodologies to recognise, evaluate, and control ergonomic risk.

Provider: System Concepts
Location: UK
Duration: 2 days
Knowledge/experience needed: None

Who should attend and why?
Anyone interested in improving health and safety and productivity will benefit from attending this program. No prior ergonomics knowledge is needed. Past attendees have included production engineers, occupational health professionals and health and safety team members. The course is suitable for a range of different workplace environments including manufacturing, laboratory and warehouse. This course provides the skills and tools to make simple and effective ergonomic improvements in the industrial environment.  It emphasises hands-on problem-solving methodologies to recognise, evaluate, and control ergonomic risk. This course is recognised by the CIEHF as ideal for continuous professional development.

What will you learn?
You can achieve dramatic improvements in health and safety and productivity through practical ergonomics solutions. To this end, we’re proud to deliver Humantech’s Applied Industrial Ergonomics course. You will learn:
•    The importance of ergonomics in the workplace
•    How to recognise if an ergonomics risk is present
•    How to evaluate and prioritise workplace tasks using the Humantech suite of tools
•    Experience using tools and guidelines to recommend improvements to the task and workplace.

Expected outcomes
After completing the course, you will be able to:
•    Explain the application of ergonomics to workstation retrofit and design
•    Evaluate workstations and equipment for good ergonomic design
•    Identify contributing factors to work-related musculoskeletal disorders
•    Accurately apply various ergonomic assessment tools
•    Prioritise ergonomic improvements to maximise return on investment.

Course content
This course is highly interactive with many different group activities. It uses slides and video to reinforce the ergonomics principles presented. Key elements of the course are.  
•    Introduction to occupational ergonomics
•    UK Regulations and legal responsibilities
•    Work-related musculoskeletal disorders
•    Recognizing ergonomic issues
•    Evaluating ergonomic risk factors
•    Prioritizing ergonomic risk
•    Analyzing manual material handling tasks
•    Applying ergonomic design guidelines
•    Hands-on exercise(s).

The course is CIEHF accredited. For accreditation participants must complete a test at the end of the course. We will then supply certificates which are approved by the CIEHF.

What’s included?
A comprehensive reference manual, tools and checklists are provided for each delegate.

About us
At System Concepts, we provide expert consultancy-led solutions in ergonomics, health, safety, usability and accessibility. Our professional advice and expert insights empower organisations to overcome complex business challenges: we make their places, products and services more productive and engaging to use. Everything we do is driven by our promise to deliver expert insights that inspire business confidence. We like to work closely with our clients, becoming the first port of call when they have a challenge to address. Ultimately, we want our clients to be successful. There’s no easy ‘one size fits all’ solution – so we bring innovative thinking and approaches. We’re a friendly bunch from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines: we all enjoy the work we do, and look forward to tackling new, interesting projects.