One Day DSE Assessor Course

Course Summary: This one day course provides learners with the understanding on why we need to carry out DSE assessments and the knowledge to carry out a DSE assessment.

Provider: Osmond Ergonomics
Location: UK / Virtual
Duration: One day
Knowledge/experience needed: No formal qualifications are required however, delegates would benefit from having an understanding of their organisation’s existing DSE assessment process and an interest in the subject matter.
Email: [email protected]    

Who should attend?

Line managers, newly-appointed or recently-appointed Workstation Assessors.

Why should you attend?

Employers have a legal obligation to carry out DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments with employees using display screens. As well as employers meeting their legal obligations, conducting DSE assessments can reduce discomfort, improve wellbeing and increase productivity of staff.

What will you learn?

Leaners will be able to recognise –

  • Importance of DSE assessments.
  • What the DSE Regulations consist of.
  • Responsibilities of a DSE Assessor.
  • What equipment is covered.
  • Minimum requirements for workstations.
  • Gain an understanding of how common musculoskeletal disorders develop.
  • Be able to recognise a good workstation layout.
  • Practice carrying out a DSE assessment.
  • Have an understanding of what options are available when considering reasonable adjustments.

Expected outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will –

  • Understand the legislation and guidance which applies to DSE assessments.
  • Understand the risks of sedentary working and adopting poor postures.
  • Be able to identify risks when using DSE.
  • Be able to carry out a DSE assessment

Course content

The course will be comprised of an overview of the legislation, and techniques and procedures required to conduct a DSE Assessment.


To check the information delivered to learners is being understood, for our face-to-face course, practical sessions including looking at case studies and conducting a mock DSE assessment will be completed during the day as well as a short test at the end course.  For our virtual course, the use of ‘Polls’, Kahoot, group activities in breakout rooms are used to assess learners.  

What’s included?

  • Course workbook.
  • Copy of presentation slides.
  • Posture Guidance sheet.
  • Links to useful resources.
  • Certificate on successful completion of the course.

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