Travel Bursary

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If you're a Student or Graduate Member of the CIEHF, you could get up to £500 towards your travel expenses to attend and present at a conference at home or internationally!

To be eligible, you must:

  • Provide evidence that you were registered as an undergraduate or postgraduate student at the time or within 12 months of the time of conference attendance.
  • Be a Student or Graduate Member of the CIEHF at the date of application and when you attend the conference.
  • Expect to be actively participating in the conference you’re attending, for example, by presenting a paper or poster.

If you’re successful, you will:

  • Receive the bursary in the form of reimbursement of an expense claim.
  • Receive a certificate in recognition of the bursary.  
  • Be required to write a short report on the conference for publication in our magazine, The Ergonomist.

Please note:

  • Your application can be made before you have a decision about paper/poster acceptance but the bursary will only be awarded if your paper/poster is accepted.
  • Your application will be assessed and a decision provided within 6 weeks of application.
  • You may re-apply for the bursary but you can only make one application in any one calendar year.
  • Up to 3 awards may be made per calendar year, based upon the date of the event within the application.

Awards for 2024 have been granted but please feel free to apply for 2025.


The Travel Bursary was founded by the University of Nottingham and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors in memory of Professor John R Wilson.