Demonstrated Impact Award

For value and impact from ergonomics and human factors

What's made a difference?

This new Award is for work that's made a real difference in terms of the impact on people. This could be through improvements to a product, system, organisation or their workplace. If you know anyone who's work has made an impact, let's celebrate it!


  1. The Award is for any individual or group who has demonstrated the value and impact of ergonomics and human factors.
  2. The work must be a single project or programme that is of demonstrably high quality and impact.
  3. The impact would normally have occurred no more than two years prior to the nomination being made.
  4. The work activity should, at the very least, be of a quality that could be included in a publication of case studies such as ‘The Human Connection’.
  5. The nomination must include a maximum two-page description of the completed project, with clear indication of the impact that the work has had in a real-world context.


This year's winner

This year's winner of our Demonstrated Impact Award is National Grid Grain LNG! This award recognises the team’s work on fatigue risk management. They engaged staff and developed a fatigue survey which revealed hot spots where different job roles were under strain at certain peak times. A Risk Management Plan was developed and human factors specialists have indicated that this approach could be industry-leading. Congratulations!