News: Take 10! Improve design by taking part in this community science project

Have you ever been frustrated by poorly fitting clothing or protective equipment? Or have you found that labels or controls on a product or device are just too small or fiddly to operate? Maybe you've struggled to reach an overhead handrail or you've felt jammed in on airplane seats?

Our President, Amanda Widdowson is running a project, called 'Design for Everybody', that is raising awareness about the improvements in design of everyday things that can be brought about by considering diversity in populations, specifically relating to body size.

The project calls for people to take ten easy body measurements and enter them into a form to build up a data set that can be used to influence the design of everything from clothing to public transport.

Guidance is provided about how to take the measurements and all data is anonymised. There's just three simple steps:

  1. Download the Design for Everybody project guidance.
  2. Watch the video featuring one of our student members showing you one easy way you can take the measurements.
  3. When you're ready, just enter your measurements on our simple online form.

Check out our webinar on What makes inclusive design 'inclusive'?

Read our interim report (March 2021) on our findings so far.