One Day Introduction to Ergonomics & Human Factors

Provider: Guildford Ergonomics
Location: By agreement with client. Venue can be provided as part of the booking if requested.
Duration: One day
Knowledge/experience needed: No previous experience of ergonomics is required. For anyone looking to use the course as a basis for applying for Technical Membership of the Institute, please note that there are also requirements in terms of experience in a role (2 yrs min) which utilises ergonomics or human factors in some way.
Email: [email protected]

Who should attend?
This course is suitable for anyone who is looking for an introduction to ergonomics and human factors, in order to understand about the broad range of ways that the discipline is applied to improve human performance and reduce workplace risks. This course will also benefit anyone who uses an element of ergonomics / human factors in their work, who is looking to broaden their knowledge of the discipline in order to apply to become a Technical Member of the CIEHF.

Why should you attend?
This course provides you with a broad understanding of the discipline of ergonomics and human factors and introduces the ways that the discipline is applied to support human and systems performance.

What will you learn?
You will gain an understanding of the range of issues which ergonomics and human factors encompasses – from office ergonomics through anthropometry and design to human failure, workload and environmental factors. For anyone doing this course as part of an application for Technical Membership of the CIEHF, part of the day will also be spent framing attendees experience and work to date so that where applicable it matches the required competencies for application.

Expected outcomes
Increased awareness of ergonomics and human factors, and a clear understanding of the way the discipline functions in terms of gathering and applying knowledge. Support of application for Technical Membership of the CIEHF.

Course content
The course is provided through a combination of presentations, solo and paired exercises, videos and source materials / guidance. Technical content includes:
  • Ergonomics and Human factors in design
  • Usability and UX
  • Anthropometry
  • Musculoskeletal risk, including assessment tools such as MAC, QEC, REBA etc.
  • DSE ergonomics
  • Human Failure, performance influencing factors and predictive / analysis methods
  • Ergonomics and human factors in systems
  • Workload
  • Environmental ergonomics
  • Ergonomics and the law
You are monitored throughout the day to ensure you understand the information being presented. At the end of the course a short online multiple-choice assessment is provided to confirm at a broad overview level that attendees have understood the course content.  

What’s included?
Printed slides in note format, printed references relating to the exercises and general ergonomics / human factors.

About Guildford Ergonomics
Guildford Ergonomics Ltd. is run by Ed Milnes, an ex-HSE specialist ergonomics inspector who now works as an independent consultant. Ed’s background is in applying ergonomics and human factors in occupational health and safety in the HSE and HSL, which ranged from risk assessment through to providing expert witness testimony. Guildford Ergonomics provides support to a broad range of clients, from offices through to the construction, manufacturing and food production sector. We provide support in musculoskeletal risk management – manual handling, DSE, upper limb risks, amongst others. We also help clients with human factors / behavioural issues in the workplace – identifying underlying causes of adverse behaviours and developing solutions.