Advanced DSE Assessor Training Course

Summary: An information-packed day designed for DSE assessors; boost your confidence and skills thus enabling you to carry out DSE assessments in much greater depth and with higher levels of expertise, and therefore significantly increase your value and effectiveness as an assessor. 

Provider: Worksafe (UK) Ltd
Location: Open course at our training centre in London or at your place of work.
Duration: 1 day
Knowledge/experience needed: Previous experience of carrying out DSE Assessments.
Email: [email protected]

Who should attend?

Our Advanced Workstation Assessment training course is suitable for anyone who has experience of carrying out DSE assessments and who wants to build on their skills and broaden the scope of assessments they offer.

Why should you attend?

This course is of benefit to assessors who wish to be able to make recommendations above and beyond the scope of a standard DSE Assessment. After you have attended our course, you will be equipped with greater skill and the most up to date knowledge thus making you a highly competent and confident risk assessor.  This means you will be able to deal with vaster array of workstation challenges.

What you will learn

The course provides specific training and guidance when it comes to making recommendations after a DSE assessment. This includes taking accurate anthropometric measurements and recommending a suitable chair for a DSE user, and making appropriate recommendations for DSE users with common musculoskeletal conditions or a disability. Delegates will learn about the wide range of products that can be sourced helping users with these more challenging complaints.

Expected outcomes

  • To be able to apply relevant legislation and codes of practice in UK law.
  • To be able to carry out effective Advanced DSE assessments, correcting problems immediately or recording actions required and assessing priority for later rectification. 
  • To identify any equipment/actions required and understand the wide range of equipment and solutions available to suit individual requirements.
  • To take accurate anthropometric measurements. Make recommendation for a specific chair based on user requirements.
  • Know when to seek specialist advice/assessors.

Course content

  • The legal framework - HSE Regulations and compliance.
  • How to carry out an Advanced DSE Assessment.
  • Postural problems and common health issues such as ULDs, WRULDs, RSI.
  • The working environment: lighting, ventilation, heating.How to choose a chair: lumbar support, size, arms, and headrest (including correctly taking anthropometric measurements).Screen size and position.
  • Recommending a suitable keyboard with regards to health problems and disability.
  • Recommending a suitable mouse with regards to health problems and disability.
  • Footrests.
  • Varidesks / Sit-Stand desks.
  • Hot desking.
  • Specialist solutions in assistive technology.
  • Pregnant workers.
  • Mobile workers/ remote workers including tablets and smartphones and using a backpack to carry equipment.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when selecting equipment.
  • Trialling equipment.
  • When to seek expert help.


By discussion and Q&As to assess understanding.
Participating in assessment exercises.
Completing tasks.

What’s included?

  • Presentation notes for you to use as reference and to make notes on through the training session.
  • Advanced DSE Assessor manual.
  • Advanced DSE assessment template.
  • Electronic assessment templates for you to customise as you wish.
  • Lunch hand refreshments (at our open course).
  • Unlimited access to our assessor hotline. If you have a DSE related issue and need further advice, we are here for you.

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