We're an award-winning Human Factors training and consultancy company, providing services to the oil and gas, COMAH, marine, aviation, financial and healthcare sectors.

27 Jan 2022

About us

Established: 2012
Indemnity: Company
Chartered ergonomists: 2
Other qualified ergonomists: 2
Other consultants: 9

IHF are an award-winning Human Factors (HF) training and consultancy company. We provide a variety of HF services to the Oil and Gas, COMAH, Marine, Aviation, Financial and Healthcare Sectors. Our services include: Task Analysis and Human-Error Analysis within a broader safety-critical task analysis competency, procedure design and authoring, user-centric system design and non-technical training.

Further areas of expertise include: The design, testing, integration and training/implementation of Control of work systems, Management of (Human/Organisational) change, accident/incident investigation, safety-case reviews, Cyber Security, fatigue management and expert witness (Marine Sector).  

Additional expertise:

COVID-19 Back to work Risk Assessment and re-integration of workers into the workplace