20 Jul 2023

Working it out

The world of work is changing and transforming the jobs that people do today and in the future. But how do we ensure that work delivers positive experiences, a fair culture and improved innovation and meaning?

Our new infographic focuses on Good Work Design – a systematic approach to enquire, engage and connect with people to understand what they do, how they do it, what resources are needed and in which environments, with whom, and how it could be done better. It co-creates a better experience of work: one that’s safer, more secure, uplifting and enjoyable.

The infographic, which is free to download from our website, sets out the principles of Good Work Design, the thinking behind it and what it aims to create. To launch the new resource, the contributors of the guidelines presented a webinar last week examining how to design good work and looking at the some of the strategies involved.

Dr Sara Pazell, principal work design strategist of a human-centred design consultancy in Australia and Dr Elise Crawford, a Senior Lecturer at CQUniversity who specialises in professional practice in human factors and the safety sciences, shared case studies and examples of how good work design can make a difference.

You can watch the webinar on-demand and download the infographic

You can also read more about Good Work Design in the current issue of The Ergonomist.

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