We're are a one-stop shop consultancy with a multidisciplinary team optimising how our customers, people, processes and equipment interact to enhance safety and performance, save money and reduce error.

27 Jan 2022

About us

Established: 1995
Indemnity: Company
Chartered ergonomists: 8
Other ergonomists: 1
Staff: 70

QinetiQ Operational Readiness team are a one-stop shop consultancy with an experienced multidisciplinary team of Ergonomists, Psychologists, Physiologists, Doctors, Engineers, System Modellers and Industrial Designers and Aeronautical Engineers and usability experts. We optimise how our customers, people, processes and equipment interact to enhance safety and performance, save money and reduce error. Through evidence-based consultancy, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs, their system and their goals so that they achieve their objectives.

By involving Human Factors Experts, organisations can:

  • Make key technology usable
  • Optimise System Effectiveness
  • Reduce operating costs of systems
  • Reduce human error within systems
  • Maximise productivity
  • Increase operating safety
  • Select the right people
  • Select the right technology

We work for and have strong track record with key government departments including: CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure), Home Office Scientific Development Branch, Counter Terrorism Centre, TRANSEC (Transport Security), OSCT (Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism and the MOD (Ministry of Defence) where we provide consultancy in the following areas:

  • Human Factors Integration
  • Human-Computer Interface Design & Assessment
  • Man-Machine Interface Design & Assessment
  • Workspace evaluation
  • Adaptive automation
  • Sleep and duty schedules
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Personnel surveys and questionnaire design
  • Training needs, effectiveness and analysis
  • Team performance and decision making
  • Human physical performance
  • Control Room Design
  • Human sensory performance
  • Workload assessment and human error
  • Human protection and survival
  • Aviation Security Process Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Anthropometry
  • Human factors assessments for aircraft release to service recommendations
  • Human error and human factors input to safety cases
  • Usability Assessments
  • Human Reliability
  • Cognitive Ergonomics, Complex Tasks
  • Specific Ergonomics Applications
  • Systems Analysis
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Areas of work

  • Accidents Health & Safety at Work
  • Cognitive Ergonomics, Complex Tasks
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Human-Computer Interface Design & Assessment
  • Human Reliability
  • Risk Assessments
  • Systems Analysis
  • Training for Management and Staff
  • Usability Assessments
  • Specific Ergonomics Applications