18 Jan 2024

Making systems work

Accepting people make mistakes, responding well to failure and avoiding blame culture are some of the key principles identified as factors that can improve risk management. Our recent webinar, Rewards of Managing Risks in Manufacturing, examined what it means to ‘do quality differently’ and shared proven practices to drive improved performance.

It looked at why increasing psychological safety and choosing an alternative approach to investigations can make a positive difference. And it also highlighted the importance of watching work being done and listening to workers to get a thorough understanding of a system.

The session was chaired by Julie Avery, a former global lead for human factors at GSK who is now an independent consultant for quality systems focusing on human performance. She was joined by presenters Clifford Berry, a human and organisational performance specialist who has worked in biopharma since 2015, and Amy Wilson, Head of Strategic Operations and Chief of Staff for pharmaceutical operations at a global company.

Clifford and Amy are the authors of the recently published book Do Quality Differently: The playbook for creating more success in biopharma (or any) manufacturing.

Julie said: “Humans are amazing – they make systems work every day in ways that we often don’t really understand. Having the opportunity to hear not just about concepts and theories but also much more about practical applications, things you can do starting today, is really useful.”

Watch the webinar and catch up on any other events you may have missed.

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