Rewards of managing risk in manufacturing

Proven practices to drive improved performance and manage risk

About this event

In this free webinar, we discuss what it means to ‘do quality differently’, including proven practices that will help you drive improved performance and manage risk.

Hear multiple case studies that illustrate examples of results that are possible from implementation of these practices. Learn about practical ‘how to’ guidance to help you either get started in integrating these practices or improve the likelihood they will be sustained if you have already started on a Human Performance journey.

Who will this be of interest to?

Anyone in any industry who has a need to manage operational risk and improve operational performance.

About the presenters

Julie Avery (chair) is a former global lead for human factors at GSK, with over 20 years in Quality and Risk Management Systems, Production and Operational Excellence. She has been an independent consultant for quality systems focusing on human performance for the last few years, working with and coaching across a diverse and engaging international network. As a Quality and Lean professional Julie has implemented and integrated human performance and system thinking into existing systems strategically and tactically effectively supporting key business KPIs including GMP education, Data Integrity and Quality Culture programs. Julie is currently a Trustee of the Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors and leads a voluntary Community of Practice there for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Clifford Berry has worked in the domain of Human & Organisational Performance for over 20 years. He has experience in commercial nuclear electric generation, electric transmission & distribution, gas distribution, nuclear plant systems controls hardware & software integration, and most recently in biopharma manufacturing since 2015 where his primary focus is on creating more quality success. Cliff has an MS in Occupational Ergonomics & Safety from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Amy Wilson is Head of Strategic Operations and Chief of Staff for pharmaceutical operations at a global company. She began her career in the biopharmaceutical industry after completing a PhD in Industrial Engineering at North Carolina State University and has spent over 20 years improving manufacturing performance in operations across multiple industry sectors. Amy discovered human and organisational performance was the missing piece to real and sustained improvements, especially in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.