Healthcare Learning Pathway

Improving patient safety and healthcare worker wellbeing


Developed by Loughborough University in response to the NHS Patient Safety Syllabus 2021, this professional Pathway provides a complete programme enabling you to develop your knowledge and skills as a Safety Specialist, integrating both patient safety and staff wellbeing. It's slightly different in its structure and content to the other CIEHF Pathways and gives a great grounding to the discipline in this sector.

Level 1 begins with a 1-hour online introduction to a systems approach using human factors models to think about risk and safety. This interactive course includes examples to show how redesigning systems, purchasing new equipment and working together can improve patient safety.

Level 2 is a series of 9 one-day blended (distance) learning courses on a range of topics from Systems and Task Analysis to Risk Analysis, Incident Investigation, Medical Equipment Design and Teamwork.

Level 3 offers professional mentorship with a reflective practice portfolio to achieve eligibility for the pragmatic, flexible and transferrable qualification of CIEHF Technical Specialist ‘TechCIEHF (Healthcare)’.

Loughborough University manages and runs this CIEHF-accredited Pathway and clicking the button below will take you to their website where you'll find full information.