15 Nov 2023

The Airedale Human Factors Workshop

Exploring the fundamental concepts of human factors and how it can improve patient safety and staff wellbeing in healthcare.

Who should attend?

All healthcare staff including community colleagues and those working non-clinically.

Why should you attend?

To understand the key concepts of Human Factors/Ergonomics, how it can help your work in healthcare to improve patient safety and staff wellbeing.

What will you learn?

We will touch on how to incorporate the principles of HF/E in the design of work processes, tools and environments along with aspects of non-technical skills, performance-influencing factors, psychological safety and civility. We'll also cover the SEIPS tool and introduce the concept of the hierarchy of interventions.

Expected outcomes

Improved understanding of the importance of Human Factors in healthcare and an introduction to the use of the SEIPS model when performing after action reviews.

Course content

Interactive lectures, exercises, videos and a practical session on the use of SEIPS.



What’s included?

Booklet including slides from the course, introduction to SEIPS literature and the Airedale Contributory Factors Checklist.

About Airedale NHSF Trust

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is an award-winning hospital and community services trust providing acute, elective, specialist and community care for a population of over 200,000 from an area covering 700 square miles stretching as far as the Yorkshire Dales in North Yorkshire, reaching areas of North Bradford in West Yorkshire and extending into Colne and Pendle in the East of Lancashire.

Our two faculty members are passionate about the application of human factors science in healthcare and together bring a wealth of both clinical and educational knowledge and experience to the workshop. 

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