29 Jul 2022

Making human factors and ergonomics work in health and social care: chapter 1

A practical resource for learners who need methods and approaches that work.

This download is the first of three chapters of a book which complements the CIEHF's Healthcare Learning Pathway and is intended as a practical resource for students.

The book aims to provide well-founded, practical guidance to those responsible for leading and implementing human factors programmes and interventions in health and social care. It's structured around the different levels of a system, where practitioners might place their focus. For each level, the nature of issues that are frequently addressed is given, followed by a characterisation of available human factors methods and approaches. Then, a selection of representative and important human factors methods and approaches is described in detail using a practical example, helping guide practitioners through the many opportunities for human factors interventions and the wide range of methodological choice.

Chapter 1 objectives and learning outcomes:

  • To explain what human factors and the systems approach are.
  • To understand what to look at within a healthcare work system.
  • To be familiar with how human factors approaches improve system outcomes.
  • To understand how human factors practitioners work.

File type: PDF
Length: 25 pages

To support the development of the book, the authors welcome your thoughts, ideas and comments on the content.


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