15 Jun 2023

Everyone’s included

Good design can make a significant difference to our lives, including making the digital world more accessible to everyone. Speaking to the website designweek.co.uk a panel of industry experts have given their view on how to increase inclusivity in design and the benefits it can deliver.

Bynd UX design director Dave Sutton highlighted the need for everyone in an organisation to be involved in thinking about inclusivity and accessibility. He said: “Challenge — and empower — design, product, marketing and tech teams to learn about and empathise with experiences outside their own. It’s often useful to remind people that many impairments can be situational; everyone struggles to read text on a smartphone in bright sun, regardless of their vision.”

Robin Spinks, head of inclusive design at the Royal National Institute of Blind People, pointed to the fact that many digital systems are still unusable for people with disabilities. He urged companies to make inclusivity a “top priority” and “take account of the diversity of user needs”. He added: “End users of all products and services also have a part to play in enabling inclusive design. By reviewing and commenting upon the accessibility and usability of products and services, everyone can contribute to a more inclusive society. It’s easy to assume that other people will recognise your challenges but often this is not the case. Feedback in any form is critical component in leveraging inclusive design.”

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