15 Feb 2024

Reaching for the moon

A “human-centric master plan” for settlers living on the moon has been launched. The lunar habitat is designed to change and adapt as a community develops and space travel evolves and becomes cheaper.

As well as considering the physical environment and structures that will be needed, the plan looks at social and psychological factors that will ensure that inhabitants can thrive. It also plans to offer facilities for commercial space agencies and tourists.

The project has been developed by architecture and design firm Hassell in collaboration with the European Space Agency’s Discovery programme.

It uses modular components that can be 3D-printed on site using materials such as lunar soil and assembled into different configurations.

Hassell said: “The human-centric master plan focuses on what a settlement would need to survive and thrive on the moon – from recreational, social and active spaces, including restaurants and sports arenas, to enriching earth-based environments, such as huge greenhouses.”

Find out more about the project.

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