Kingsley Management Ltd

We're a human factors consultancy specialising in major hazard industries - nuclear, rail, process, oil and gas - providing advice on human reliability, safety management and safety culture.

27 Jan 2022

About us

Established: 2002
Indemnity: Company
Chartered ergonomists: 1

Human Factors interventions conducted in UK major hazard industry are driven by the need to assure safety, very often to contribute to regulatory requirements for their design, construction and operational safety cases. Attention to Human Factors reduces accident and incident probabilities, improves productivity, morale and safety culture and helps organisations to avoid unnecessary costs.

Kingsley Management is founded on the experience and expertise of its prime consultant, Bill Gall, who has personally conducted assignments and provided training in ergonomics, human factors, safety management, management of change and safety culture worldwide aimed at providing the above benefits over the last 40 years. He has worked extensively in the nuclear, process, chemical, oil and gas and rail industries and has been a regulator for the UK nuclear industry and offshore oil and gas industry.

Areas of work

  • Accidents; Health and Safety at Work
  • Anatomy & anthropometry in human activities
  • Cognitive ergonomics, complex tasks
  • Human Reliability
  • Management and Ergonomics
  • Risk Assessments: Various Work Situations
  • Sociotechnical Systems and Ergonomics
  • Systems Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Training for Management and Staff
  • User Requirements and Guidance