Inspired Usability

27 Jan 2022

About us

Established: 2016
Indemnity: Individual
Chartered ergonomists: 1
Other consultants: 2

Inspired Usability supports the medical device and pharmaceutical industry as it reaches beyond the regulatory Human Factors requirements to create effective and inspirational products.

At Inspired Usability, we combine our knowledge of product development and Human Factors regulations from the FDA and MHRA with a sensitive, creative and professional approach. We are inspired by the users and the complex, ever-changing world around us. We can support you throughout the design cycle with contextual inquiries, formative and summative usability studies and creation of submission documents such as a Usability Engineering File.

We excel in applying independent usability testing that goes beyond the standard regulatory Human Factor requirements to get to the heart of what makes a great product

We have vast experience with a range of drug delivery devices, hospital based medical devices, surgical equipment, smart devices, apps, wearables, legacy products and consumer health products.

Areas of work

  • Usability assessment
  • Anatomy & anthropometry in human activities
  • Product design and consumer ergonomics
  • Risk assessments - various work situations
  • Task analysis
  • Other ergonomics applications (Medical Device Regulatory support)