17 Mar 2022

Greener growth

The COP26 summit put climate change at the top of the world’s agenda, with countries and major companies pledging step up efforts to help our planet. But it’s not just big businesses who want to play their part in reaching the ambitious target of net zero emissions.

Small firms also want to take steps to tackle the challenges of a changing climate, and they make up the vast majority of UK businesses. SMEs are vital in achieving the aims of a good economy that works for all and often have a wide range of expertise. But they don’t enjoy the same big budgets and dedicated specialists that are available to their larger counterparts, which means they can struggle to take the right steps in becoming greener.

That’s where human factors expertise can help and it’s the subject of a discussion with Brett John, Deputy Head of Policy for the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales, at our Ergonomics & Human Factors conference next month. He’s responsible for leading on climate change work and other projects to ensure that the voice of small businesses is heard by policy makers.

As one of our keynotes, he’ll be interviewed on day one of our online conference sessions on April 11. Find out more.