18 Jan 2024

The new face of AI

A robot head that adds a human face to ChatGPT has been designed, to create more engaging interactions with AI. The WeHead device promises to help with making decisions and self-reflection by listening to the user and asking questions. It uses a series of screens to display a human face to deliver a conversation created by ChatGPT.

It was one of hundreds of innovations unveiled at this year’s CES tech convention in Las Vegas.

Healthcare gadgets on show at the conference including rings which can track their wearer’s wellbeing and a system to help people with hearing issues isolate different voices in a crowd.

Futuristic transport was also on show, with a flying taxi designed to cut traffic congestion in cities.

And AI was also heavily featured, including an app which can generate an AI twin of a person in minutes, based on their selfies and voice memos.

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