21 Sep 2023

The healthy approach to AI

The potential for applying AI in healthcare is huge but how ready are organisations to make the most of the opportunities it offers? Members of our Digital Health & AI Special Interest Group have examined the benefits and challenges the technology can bring and put forward their recommendations to help the sector be prepared. They include promoting the use of systems approaches, creating education and training infrastructure and streamlining current technology.

Writing in the latest issue of The Ergonomist, Kate Preston and Mark Sujan, said: “Overall, there is a need and significant opportunities for human factors specialists to contribute to the understanding of the practical implications of adopting AI in healthcare and to overcome barriers, such as organisational readiness, to realise its full benefit.”

Our Human Factors in Healthcare AI white paper aims to promote systems thinking among people developing and using AI applications and raise awareness of potential effects. It outlines eight key human factors principles and methods that need to be considered, from automation bias to ethical issues.

Read the full article in the latest issue of The Ergonomist and download a free copy of our white paper.

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