21 Mar 2024

Scent back to the office

Office owners are hoping to enhance worker wellbeing by using specially designed scents throughout buildings. Commercial landlord Hines developed the aromatherapy blend for use in its skyscrapers and launched it at its HQ in Houston, Texas, late last year.

The fragrance – inspired by those used in luxury holiday resorts -– is now being rolled out it more than 20 other buildings. The move could be adopted by employers hoping to lure more workers back to offices by creating more pleasing environments. Earlier this month Boots became the latest organisation to reveal it was bringing staff back to office following the shift to more hybrid working caused by the pandemic.

Hines said: “The olfactory atmosphere in the built environment has been shown to exert a profound, if often unrecognised, influence on mood and wellbeing. Studies show a 40% increase in mood when exposed to a pleasing fragrance.”

Whitney Burns, SVP of Client Experience at the company, described the scent as using “natural ingredients that calm and uplift, creating a welcoming ambience for everyone who walks through our doors”.

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