21 Jul 2022

Break the bad habits

The importance of taking breaks when working remotely has been highlighted in new research examining the effects of not getting enough rest. The study looked at the frequency of short rest breaks and the impact this had on physical and mental wellbeing. It found that taking fewer breaks was associated with more reports of headaches, tiredness and sleep problems. And the findings also showed a link to psychological fatigue and problems with mentally detaching from work.

The research by Mark Cropley, Linda Weidenstedt, Birgit Leick and Stefan Sutterlin is published in the journal Ergonomics. It’s hoped the findings will help inform workplace policies and leadership to improve staff wellbeing and prevent injury as more people benefit from the positive aspects of being able to work remotely.

The study said: “For the foreseeable future, many knowledge workers will be obliged to work from home for at least some days of the week. It is therefore important for workers to learn to regulate their behaviour, and workers need to be educated about the value of taking regular rest breaks throughout the working day.”

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