Training courses

If you are already applying ergonomics and human factors in your work, or are about to, and would like some formal training, we have a list of accredited training courses for you to consider.

If you would like to attend one of these courses or need more information, please contact the providers directly.

Introduction to ergonomics and human factors

*NEW* Human Factors Engineering by Nexus at Nexus at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Designing systems, products, and services to make them easier, safer, and more effective for human use.
Introduction to Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills by PPWD Consulting Ltd. This 2-Day course will introduce individuals within the rail industry to Human Factors and develop their Non-Technical Skills in accordance with the Rail Safety and Standards Board guidance.
Introduction to Ergonomics and Human Factors by Robert Gordon University.
This two-day training in ergonomics and human factors will introduce basic principles and approaches, develop skills and provide in-depth case studies relevant to industry practice across different sectors.
One Day Introduction to Ergonomics & Human Factors by Guildford Ergonomics. A one-day introduction to the broad range of issues covered by ergonomics and human factors.
Human Factors for Leaders by Being Human in Healthcare Ltd. Full day, small group, applied Human Factors training tailored for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in leadership positions within healthcare.
PG Cert and PG Dip in Ergonomics and Human Factors by Loughborough University. A course aimed at individuals who want broad ergonomics/human factors training and general qualifications. 
Ergonomics in Practice by Human Applications Ltd. This 3 day course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of ergonomics and provide them with a range of tools that can be used to promote safe working.
Introduction to ergonomics by HSL. This 5 day course provides non-ergonomists with an understanding of workplace ergonomics in relation to health, safety and productivity in an industrial setting.
Further Human Factors by InterAction of Bath Ltd. A 2 day course to gain a working understanding of human factors.
PG Cert in Applied Ergonomics (Distance Learning) by University of Nottingham. This 1 year course will provide you with a broad overview of the discipline of ergonomics and practical guidance for applying ergonomics techniques.

Office ergonomics

One Day DSE Assessor Course by Osmond Ergonomics. This one day course provides learners with the understanding on why we need to carry out DSE assessments and the knowledge to carry out a DSE assessment.
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessor training course - 1 day by Ergability.
This course is designed to enable the attendees to better manage DSE related risks and competently perform initial level DSE assessment.
DSE Assessor Training by DSE Scotland.
Suitable for office or home working, a comprehensive 1 day virtual or face-to-face course which provides attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to carry out effective DSE risk assessments, and/or provide advice on the safe use of DSE.
DSE Awareness/DSE Awareness with Self-Assessment by DSE Scotland.
Suitable for home, office or mobile working, a thirty-minute long e-learning course which provides learners with clear and engaging information on the safe use of computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
DSE Workstation Assessor-Foundation Course by Ergonix. 
This 1 day practical training course is designed to provide you with a holistic approach to DSE assessments.
DSE Workstation Assessor by enricoSmog. This 1 day course is designed to provide DSE assessors with a structured and holistic approach to DSE assessments.
Advanced DSE Assessor - Professional Practitioner by enricoSmog. This 2 day course is for professionals required to carry out in-depth assessments who have already completed a standard DSE assessor course and/or for professionals seeking reassurance that they are working at a professional level.
Assessing Display Screen Equipment by System Concepts Ltd. This 2 day course provides a grounding in legislation, supporting standards and best practice. It also gives tips on practical ways to conduct assessments and rectify areas of concern.
DSE Assessor Training Course 1 day by Worksafe. This 1 day course is designed to provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to carry out DSE assessments with confidence and competence, and in order to comply with UK legislation.
Advanced DSE Assessor Training Course by Worksafe. This course is designed for DSE assessors; boost your confidence and skills thus enabling you to carry out DSE assessments in much greater depth and with higher levels of expertise, and therefore significantly increase your value and effectiveness as an assessor.
Assessing Display Screen Equipment (DSE) by System Concepts LtdThis one-day course provides a grounding in legislation, supporting standards and best practice. It also gives tips on practical ways to conduct assessments and rectify areas of concern.

Manual Handling

Risk Assessor & Key Trainer course in handling and safe movement of people & other loads by DFH Ergonomics. This 5 day course is designed for all those who want to be able to teach others to move people safely.
Manual Handling Train the Trainer by Worksafe. This 2-day course will give you all the skills, knowledge and tools you need to deliver effective manual handling training.


SCReaM Human Factors and Team Resource Management Training. The course is aimed at raising the awareness, understanding, and application of Human Factors in healthcare, specifically focussed on Theatre staff (both clinical and non-clinical) in order to improve staff and patients’ safety and wellbeing.
Introducing Human Factors in Healthcare.
 Online or face to face delivered course aiming to improve safety and productivity in healthcare, delegates from all professions within the industry, whether novices or experienced, will be introduced to the subject of human factors, and will understand how to achieve safer individual and team performance in high-risk healthcare environments. 
PG Cert in Human Factors for Patient Safety by Staffordshire University School of Health and Social Care. A part-time course via distance or blended learning, developed specifically for those currently working within the Health and Social Care Sectors
Introduction to Human Factors in Healthcare by MedLed. Introducing the concepts of Human Factors for healthcare professionals, specifically relating to understanding human limitations
Resilience in Healthcare Masterclass by the Centre for Applied Resilience in Healthcare (CARe) at King’s College London. A 2 day course where you will learn how to apply new concepts about safety to improve the quality of care.
PG Cert in Human Factors and Ergonomics for Patient Safety by Loughborough University. A course aimed at those who want a broad human factors education with a focus on aspects concerned with promoting patient safety in all healthcare sectors.
Human Factors & Ergonomics in Healthcare by Loughborough Design School. This 2 hour course will provide delegates with an understanding of how human factors and ergonomics can play a vital role in the delivery of high quality care.

Health and wellbeing

Behavioural Human Factors and Teamskills by Terema Ltd. What they are, why they matter and how do we manage them so as to get the best from ourselves and the best from the people with whom we work.
Motivating Safe and Healthy Behaviour by Guildford Ergonomics Ltd
. This course looks at the factors that motivate and underpin behaviours, and key methods used to move people towards healthier and safer behaviours.

Industrial sectors

Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) Course, by Human Reliability Associates. The SCTA course has been developed for safety-critical industries to provide delegates with the professional knowledge and techniques to understand and use Human Factors in Proactive Risk Assessment.
Ergonomics Training Course - Manufacturing Champions Course by Morgan Maxwell.
A two-day ergonomics training course designed to train delegates in the process of completing an ergonomics task assessment within a manufacturing environment. 
Human Factors Foundation Training by the Energy Institute. A 5 day course which provides attendees with a comprehensive practical introduction to human factors.
Human Factors in Health & Safety by IChemE in partnership with the Keil Centre Ltd. This course provides a comprehensive overview of human factors, access to practical research-based tools and approaches, and discussion in small groups with acknowledged industry experts.

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