Risk Assessor & Key Trainer Course in Handling and Safe Movement of People & Other Loads

Summary: This course is designed for all those who want to be able to teach others to move people safely. It is also suitable for those who need to assess the risks involved in moving people and identify safe solutions. The course has a multi-disciplinary focus. It applies in all places where people care for people.
Provider: DFH Ergonomics Ltd
Location: UK
Duration: 5 days
Knowledge/experience needed: None
Email: [email protected]

Who should attend?
Ergonomists and non ergonomists working in all aspects of the Healthcare & Social Care Sector and the Education Sector. Any persons involved in People Handling both Adults and Children.

What will you learn?
• How to use current evidence base and assessment tools to identify the risks of the old manual techniques.
• See how poor manual handling can limit the people’s abilities and life choices
• Find out why professionals are being injured by out of date manual handling techniques
• Learn to use the people’s abilities to move without assistance.
• Become familiar with all types of equipment and techniques
• Gain an understanding of the costs involved in implementing a safer system of work
• How to understand management issues

Expected outcomes
• To apply Health and Safety Legislation to people handling
• To be able to carry out Risk Assessments.
• To know the dangers in the Biomechanics & Ergonomics of handling people
• To identify the correct equipment to empower staff and people who require handling
• To be confident in handling people in a safe manner
• To proactively accept change
• To keep accurate and detailed records

Course content
• Legislation
• Risk Assessment- Generic & Specific
• Task Analysis
• Extent of problem – Back Injury in Health Care
• Biomechanics & Ergonomics
• People Handling Equipment
• Handling Techniques
• Teaching

Video of a piece of planned training on Day 5
Opportunity to complete competencies for Key Trainers & Risk Assessors

What’s included?
• Certificate of Attendance
• Accreditation Certificate
• Copy of Individual Training Record
• Advice by Telephone confirmation by email or letter
• Course update reminders

How to apply

Contact DFH Ergonomics, 4 Cedarhurst Drive Eltham London SE9 5LP
Tel: 020 8244 2568
Email: [email protected]