Task analysis

Explore an essential human factors tool that helps you document all aspects of a task

18 Sep 2023


Delivery: Online
Provider: CIEHF
Format: Text and video
Test: 10 questions, mixed type, immediate result
Recognition: Badge
Duration: Self paced, approx. 3 hours
Price: £22.50 for CIEHF members, £30 for non-members, plus VAT.

About this CPD self-study module

In this module, you'll be provided you with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and understand complex tasks and their cognitive and physical demands. By breaking down tasks into smaller components, you'll gain better insight into the level of human effort required, reducing the risk of human error and optimising performance.You'll explore different applications of task analysis in human factors research and practice, as well as data collection, analysis and interpretation necessary to develop effective solutions to human factors problems.

At the end of the module, you'll be able to:

  • Break down a task into its component steps.
  • Decide when task analysis techniques should be used.
  • Describe a task in terms of its goals and steps.
  • Outline simple data collection tools that help to understand a task.
  • Describe what the results mean and identify potential for improvement.

The module includes 2 videos and a selection of suggested further reading. In total, it might take around an hour to complete.

There's a short test at the end and if you pass, you'll get a badge of recognition showing that you've successfully completed the module.

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