25 Jun 2024

Human Reliability Analysis (HRA)

Learn how to transform the safety and efficiency of our workplaces.


Delivery: Online
Provider: CIEHF
Format: Text and video
Test: 10 questions, mixed type, immediate result
Recognition: Badge
Duration: Self paced, approx. 3 hours
Price: £22.50 for CIEHF members, £30 for non-members, plus VAT.

About this CPD self-study module

Welcome to the fascinating world of Human Reliability Analysis (HRA), where the focus is on understanding human capabilities and limitations to transform the safety and efficiency of our workplaces.

On completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe the concept of Human Reliability Analysis, its historical development.
  • Outline HRA applications in key industries while recognising the systemic nature of human errors.
  • Describe various Human Reliability Assessment methods, like THERP, HEART, and SLIM, to estimate the likelihood of human errors in different tasks.
  • Identify key Performance Influencing Factors (PFIs) affecting human reliability, such as workload and environmental conditions, and propose ways to optimise these factors.
  • Outline approaches to lessen and handle human mistakes, such as making systems less prone to errors and improving how to respond and fix problems after they happen.

The module has four topics and in total, may take around 3 hours to complete. There's a short test at the end and if you pass, you'll get a badge of recognition showing that you've successfully completed the module.

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