Maintaining Chartership

20 Mar 2024


Delivery: Online
Provider: CIEHF
Format: Text, video and quizzes
Duration: Self paced, 30- 45 minutes
Price: Free!

About this Bitesize Learning

This guide highlights the crucial roles of ongoing learning and adaptability for Chartered professionals to sustain their status as leaders and innovators within their industry by submitting a Continuing Professional Development log entry each year. By prioritising continuous learning and adaptability, Chartered professionals can ensure their expertise remains relevant and impactful, fostering progress and setting new standards in their profession.

This guidance covers areas such as:

  • The role of CPD in Professional Competence and Credibility: A description of CPD demonstrates a lifelong learning commitment, ensuring professionals' skills and knowledge are up-to-date and credible.
  • Planning and Recording CPD: An overview of CPD planning, conducting self-assessments, selecting aligned activities, allocating resources, and regularly reviewing progress.
  • The Importance of Reflective Practice in CPD: An explanation and examples of how reflective practice in CPD helps to facilitate deep learning from experiences.
  • The Audit Process: A description of the CPD audit process through evaluating records against an assessment rubric to ensure fairness and comprehensive assessment.

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