Human & Organisational Performance in Pharma

About this webinar

In many pharmaceutical companies, human error is still addressed reactively through compliance by Deviation Management.  While people are involved, they are NOT the root cause in the majority of deviations. 

There's an opportunity to set people up for success proactively in regards to risk prevention in a complex work environment through, for example: 

  • Recognition of risk and techniques for prevention of error.
  • A roadmap for investigating repeated, human-related deviations.
  • A means of integrating human performance into operational excellence, such as Gemba and leader standard work.
  • Techniques for interviewing, coaching and improved communication.
  • Recommendations for addressing system-related problems.
Who would this be of interest to?

Leaders and supporters of those that perform complex work in any regulated Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) environment and anyone interested in human and organisational performance.

About the speakers

Bill Farmer has a BS in Microbiology and is an Associate Director for Deviation Management at Merck in North Carolina, USA. He's an experienced pharmaceutical scientist and has had many roles in technical and quality organisations. His philosophy to 'Help others, make it easier to do the 'right' thing, harder to do the 'wrong' thing, drives Bill to continuously improve the Merck Deviation Management Process.

Julie Avery (chair) is former Global Lead for human factors at GSK, with over 20 years in Quality and Operational Excellence. As an independent practitioner, Julie now integrates human performance into existing systems strategically and tactically supporting business goals and KPIs. Julie leads the CIEHF Human Factors Pharmaceutical Manufacturing COP and is a Trustee of the CIEHF representing Associate Members.