Fatigue Risk Management

Exploring the challenges and a roadmap for mitigation

About this webinar

Following the publication of CIEHF's white paper on Fatigue Risk Management in Health and Social Care, we explore the background to the issues and our recommendations for a roadmap to manage the challenges.

About the speakers
  • Mark Young (chair) is Professor of Human Factors in Transport and the current President of CIEHF. In his previous job as a rail accident inspector, Mark investigated several incidents involving fatigue and was part of the group that produced the CIEHF's Fatigue Risk Management for Health and Social Care White Paper.
  • Laura Pickup is
  • Nancy Redfern is a consultant anaesthetist and is vice-president of the Association of Anaesthetists as well as Co-chair of their joint fatigue working group.
  • Saskia Fursland is Senior Safety Investigator at the Health Services Safety Investigations Body.