Controlling near misses

We explore near misses in three different sectors and how controls might be developed to prevent future events.

About the event

We explore near misses in three different sectors and how controls can, or cannot, be developed to prevent future events. We start with an introduction to the concept of near misses in healthcare and the challenges faced in learning from these near misses to improve safety. We then hear how near misses are approached in rail and nuclear and how controls are developed in their processes.

At this event, you’ll:

  • Gain valuable insights from all three sectors: healthcare, rail and nuclear.
  • Hear discussion about defining near misses with respect to controls.
  • Learn how to build barriers in systems.

Who will this be of interest to?

This webinar will be of interest to anyone involved in the management of safety events in their industry/ organisation, and especially human factors practitioners, safety investigators, policy leads and regulators.

About the presenters

  • Nick Woodier is a Chartered Human Factors and Ergonomics Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Ergonomics. In his day job he’s a national safety investigator with the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, having moved into safety investigation from clinical medicine. For fun, Nick is almost finished with a PhD considering near misses in healthcare. He is also an Honorary Assistant Professor with the University of Nottingham for his work in patient safety.
  • Lynn Chamberlain-Clark is a Principal Health and Safety Change Specialist, Network Rail. She started her career as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) in the NHS. She became a specialist in Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties – errors in could lead to patient death). Within a foundation trust hospital and Primary care trust Lynn developed services, individuals and processes such as appraisal, supervision and cross departmental working. For 10 years Lynn has led the development of safety culture across 46,000 people in Network Rail. She has developed safety leadership, reporting, and a Fair (just) culture. On behalf of the European Commission and European Rail Agency, Lynn ran a cross- European cultural twinning programme. Lynn is now seconded into The Great British Railway Transition Team to lead on embedding the culture into the new organisation that will bring together the rail industry of the future.
  • Elaine Burrage is a Health & Safety Manager at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.