Biomechanics in Action

Discover how incredible our musculoskeletal system is and why biomechanics is important to all sorts of ergonomics problems

About this event

Modern techniques in biomechanical analysis can provide you with new tools that enhance your ability to collect quantitative measurements, undertake objective analysis and generate verifiable ergonomics metrics. This enables you to compare multiple tasks and multiple people. Biomechanical software can perform calculations every fraction of a second so no events are missed and it can report on the sensitivity of the scoring metrics to the workplace design variables.

This free webinar presents a variety of motion capture techniques used in industrial environments. You'll learn about the data that can be collected and typical prices for the software. You'll find out about the capabilities of the software to analyse motion and force data and how this can be extended to calculate a range of ergonomics-related performance metrics.

The webinar focuses on the use of the BoB/Ergo software which is based on the leading biomechanical analysis software, BoB/Research, and augmented with functionality designed specifically for ergonomics analysis including REBA, RULA scores, the NIOSH revised lifting equation, ISO11228, spinal compression and shear forces, cumulative forces and cumulative torques. Find out more about Bob

Who will this be of interest to?

This webinar should be of interest to ergonomists and anyone interested in the biomechanical capabilities and limitations of humans. It will be of use to designers, engineers and anyone who wants to know more about the effects of work and the workplace on people.

About the presenters

Dr James Shippen has a PhD for research into mathematical modelling of the structural/acoustic interface of passenger vehicles. He's a chartered mechanical engineer with a background in the medical, automotive and defence industries specialising in biomechanics and writing analysis code for mathematical modelling and numeric simulation.

Dr Barbara May has a background in mechanical engineering, gerontology and biomechanics. She has a PhD in Biomechanics for research into the analysis of human movement and muscle modelling i.e. investigating maximal isometric forces for all muscles in the body in order to develop the BoB musculoskeletal model.