Design for Everybody

The Design for Everybody project highlighted the need for more up-to-date, diverse body size data. Ergonomists use body size (anthropometric) data to help ensure equipment is designed around the people who operate and/or maintain it. Example considerations include reach to overhead handrails and controls such as steering wheels; and the optimal position of displays to prevent neck and shoulder injury. If the source data lacks diversity, the resulting equipment may be less usable, and more hazardous, for a proportion of users.

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated the need for greater diversity in the design of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Survey participants were each asked to provide 10 body size measurements. Social distancing restrictions prevented the planned in-person data collection. However, an online survey, from April 2020 to March 2021, received over 300 sets of responses from around the world. The results are presented in a report.