Understanding how people interact with complex technology

Automotive human factors

The automotive industry is undergoing multiple highly disruptive shifts in almost all aspects of the field as we look towards more safe, less polluting and more suitable transport methods for the modern world. It is an exciting time for the automotive industry and the human element of future vehicles is at the core of many of these pursuits. Some current trends in the UK automotive industry include:

  • The development of automated and ‘self-driving’ vehicles.
  • Decarbonisation of road vehicles – net zero by 2050.
  • Shifts towards electrification – banning diesel cars and van sales by 2030, shifts towards intelligent mobility, mobility as a service (MaaS), micromobility, and shared transport.
  • Accelerated vehicle development processes motivated by start-ups and disruptive automotive firms.

Our aims

This group looks both towards the practice of ergonomics and human factors in current vehicles and to the development of future methods and technologies. Its membership includes academics, consultants, engineers, policy makers and researchers from across the automotive industry and from complementary fields who have an interest in automotive.

We aim to support the development and rollout of safe, effective and pleasurable automotive technologies through showcasing member’s contributions to the field and discussing new developments. We run multiple online events throughout the year and there is opportunity to get involved as CIEHF members, and non-members.