Applied Ergonomics Journal Best Paper Award

About this award

The Applied Ergonomics Award is for the best paper published in the journal ‘Applied Ergonomics’ in the previous year, as judged by the editors of the journal, as of highest quality in terms of content, presentation and impact.

The award, donated by Elsevier Science, is made on the basis of the quality of the research, development, case or review represented in the paper, the content and quality of the paper itself, the timeliness and importance of its themes and its relevance to the readership and to ergonomics/human factors generally.


This year's winners

Well done to Ksander N de Winkel, Tugrul Irmak, Riender Happee & Barys Shyrokau for winning the Best Paper Award of 2024 in the journal 'Applied Ergonomics'. Their research looked at vehicle motion and discomfort and came up with novel models that describe motion comfort as a function of acceleration, jerk, and direction.

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Roll of honour

2022 Not awarded

2021 Pavlo Bazilinskyy, Lars Kooijman, Dimitra Dodou and Joost de Winter, (2021), How should external human-machine interfaces behave? Examining the effects of colour, position, message, activation distance, vehicle yielding and visual distraction among 1,434 participants. Applied Ergonomics, Volume 95
2020 Jodi Oakman, Wendy Macdonald, Natasha Kinsman, Barriers to more effective prevention of work-related musculoskeletal and mental health disorders Applied Ergonomics, Volume 75, 2019
2019 Sara Bayramzadeh, Anjali Joseph, David Allison, Jonas Shultz & James Abernathy. Using an integrative mock-up simulation approach for evidence-based evaluation of operating room design prototypes
2018 A Holtermann, V Schellewald, S E Mathiassen, N Gupta, A Pinder, A Punakallio, K B Veiersted, B Weber, E-P Takala, F Draicchio, H Enquist,
K Desbrosses, M P G Sanz, M Malinska et al. A practical guidance for assessments of sedentary behavior at work: A PEROSH initiative. Applied Ergonomics, Sept 2017.
2017 Clarisse Gaudez, Martine Gilles, and Jonathan Savin. Intrinsic movement variability at work. How long is the path from motor control to design engineering? Applied Ergonomics, Vol 53A pp71-78.
2016 N Werner, R Holden. Interruptions in the wild: Development of a sociotechnical systems model of interruptions in the emergency department through a systematic review. Applied Ergonomics Vol 51, 2015, pp244-254.
2015 B Norris, J West, O Anderson, G Davey, A Brodie. Taking ergonomics to the bedside – A multi-disciplinary approach to designing safer healthcare. Applied Ergonomics Vol 45, 3, pp629-638.
2014 E Tompa, R Dolinschi & J Natale, 2013, Economic evaluation of a participatory ergonomics intervention in a textile plant. Applied Ergonomics Vol 44, 3, 480-487.
2012 Rolf H Westgaard & Jørgen Winkel. Occupational musculoskeletal and mental health: significance of rationalization and opportunities to create sustainable production systems – A systematic review. Applied Ergonomics, Vol 42, pp261-296.
2007 K Piegorsch, K W Watkins, W W Piegorsch, B Reininger, S J Corwin & R F Valois
2005 V Mollo & P Falzon